Clean Water Sewer Bathroom Remodeling Ideas

At Clean Water Sewer & Plumbing for Wildlife, we began with the intention of sharing our learned tips in plumbing with anyone in the community who is looking for a place to start.  Plumbing and sewer work like drainage pipe jobs may be something that not everyone will be interested in right off the bat, and we understand that.  So today let’s instead take a look at a more beginner friendly topic like bathroom remodeling.  We use our bathrooms everyday, so much so that our time spent in there is usually considered a part of our normal everyday routines.  Nobody wants to sit down on the toilet, unable to relax because of the ugly or unattractive appearance of their restroom interiors or decor.  A remodeling of this space may be just the fix your house needs, but when it comes to plumbing fixtures you may want to leave the rest up to a handy local plumber or a water damage restoration expert, we like these guys:

One of the first things you could do easily and cheaply, is look for a new shower curtain.  There are lots of artistic and beautiful curtain designs available online to choose from; there are some sellers that even let you make custom ones out of your favorite photos.

If you have a bit of a bigger budget for remodeling at this time, then you may want to look into a new shower or toilet installation.  There have been so many advancements made in the field of plumbing and bathroom technology, and many allow for multiple settings to be used if you like.  For example, there are many modern toilet designs and toilet seat attachments that can offer you comfort like bidet use, heated seats, and more.  Many modern showers can also be outfitted with interesting and new shower heads that can do things such as give you a waterfall experience.  So what are you waiting for?  Take your bathroom to the next level soon.

Winter & cold weather plumbing preparations

It is September already!  Lots of kids and students are heading back to school, and most of us are getting back into the regular pace of work after the relaxing Labor Day weekend.  Summer came and went in the blink of an eye, and with the ever present threat of permanent climate change, winters have the potential to really mess things up if it sneaks up on us unprepared.

One of the first things that we like to take care of before the coming of winter, is changing our car tires to ones that are specifically made for winter or all season driving.  Not only does the typically softer surface of these tires help us stay safer on the cold or frozen roads, it also can improve your car’s condition in the long run.

Just like how our vehicles are something that we typically use every day and therefore need to maintain it regularly, our plumbing does as well.  We recommend scheduling a visit from a local plumber before Thanksgiving rolls around, so that you can be sure you are prepared before the first big cold front comes in.  Consider services like tune ups and drain cleaning which can keep things running smoothly and help you in the battle against cold weather plumbing issues, such as frozen pipes, this winter.

Keep your showers hot with modern water heaters

Have you ever taken a shower, and then halfway through the water went cold?  You may think that the logical solution may be to blame your family members or room mates who used the bathroom before you, but the issue at hand may just be the capacity of your current water heater’s tank.  To heat your water, most houses and bungalows will have conventional storage water heaters installed, but there are a variety of options available now,  and exploring them could help you save you more money in the long run.

If your household size is greater than two people, the quickest fix would be to purchase a larger tank and to get insulation to help energy efficiency while the unit keeps the water constantly at the set temperature.  If you have a little bit more to invest, you could consider adding a solar energy heater to the storage tank, providing a multi-purpose solution that is eco-friendly and can eventually mean free hot showers for you over time.

Perhaps, you are fed up with storage tanks because your household is larger.  If that’s the case, then you should consider a heat pump or tankless water heaters.  Both of these options are more energy efficient than a water heater tank system alone.  Not only that, but they can help save you money on your bills as well as solve your problem of running out of hot water when it comes time to take a well-needed shower.

So the next time that you take a shower and the water runs cold, it probably means that it is time to rethink your current plumbing system or bathroom design, and make smart and efficient changes with the help of trusted experts.  You could have a new water heater installed as soon as today with the right local plumbers.

Cleaning Bathroom Spaces with Room Mates

It is no secret that in today’s extremely competitive economy, that many people both young and old are either moving back in with relatives or sharing their space with a roommate in order to cut down on the costs of property and utilities.  If you need more than a dormitory sized space, it is next to impossible to avoid the need for another person to help with the rent and utilities every month, especially in places where mini apartments are popping up.

While you get to save more on expenses by splitting the costs with someone else,  not every individual makes a polite and well-mannered roommate, and one of the most common problems folks encounter is the regular cleaning and maintenance of the bathroom and kitchen areas.  But so many bacteria hang out around these areas and we use them so regularly that neglecting care of these areas can lead to some major issues with sanitation and health.

We forget that often it is not the humidity or wetness in the bathroom that is so much of a problem, as much as the dirt that is attracted to it.  Bathrooms may seem like they were made to get wet, but without airing it out every day after each use, mold and mildew will grow on the tile, shower curtain, plumbing supplies, and more.  A regular cleaning schedule should be visible if both you and your roommate find it difficult to follow through with these commitments.  It will not only have you breathing cleaner air in your house, but can also increase the longevity and quality of your current plumbing fixtures and help you save money because you won’t need replacements on things like faucets, as often.

Sewer Troubleshooting with the Pros

There are a lot of reasons that we choose to live in neighborhoods or in cities, but most of us are there rather than in the isolation of a rural setting.  But it is this closeness to other people’s homes and systems that can be a particularly tricky problem when it comes to diagnosing or resolving issues in regards to your sewer system.  When making a small mistake can mean causing damage to possibly your neighbors’ sewer lines as well, why would you want to risk doing repairs yourself or by someone who lacks the certification or necessary experience?

For help with your sewer troubleshooting, we recommend calling a professional plumbing expert to take care of the job.  Even if you do not have a major problem today, such as a sewer line break, there are still issues that should be resolved.  For instance, sewage backflow can be a major problem to the quality of your drinking water and you may need to have new backflow valves or fixtures installed for your home or business.

You may also want to look into doing a complete overhaul of the current sewer system if you are a recently new homeowner of a historic building.  Often, those who are inexperienced can mix up older urban sewer lines with neighboring ones.  We at Clean Water Sewer recommend getting a sewer re-lining service done by pros, but to be very careful with the people who you choose to hire.  You should look for someone who has access to a master plumber’s license, because it means extensive knowledge in all the plumbing codes in the surrounding cities and counties.  That way, you can have the job done right the first time and usually in one visit.  The right fit will work with you to confirm pricing before hand as well, so there are no hidden or surprise fees.

Save Money with Sustainable Living

People once asked us what it meant to go green, but now there are so many resources readily available to help us understand the process.  That is why more and more business owners are taking a responsible role toward wildlife and against climate change, by changing only a few things here and there, as well as some common habits and practices we often overlook in our day to day routines.

While it is no longer any secret or debate that our climate on planet Earth will change in drastic ways that would most likely have negative consequences, there is another reason you should make your business practices more eco-friendly.  If you are looking to increase profit for your company, then reducing your carbon footprint by lowering your monthly energy bills is a great way to start.  Consider places where updates could improve wasted or lost resources, such as calling technicians to replace your heating and cooling devices so that they are outfitted to reach the Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) most recent electricity usage standards.  Air ducts and other furnace parts that are in poor condition could be wasting more than you realize.

Even if you can not schedule an appointment with a home improvement specialist today, there are also other ways you can conserve right away, with little commitment or investment.  Rather than using paper files, consider going digital and just keeping an external hard drive that could help keep your documents a little more safe if security is a concern of yours.  In addition, recycling used paper is attainable in one easy step by just doing a drop off at your local recycling center is just another easy way to go green..

Our ideas on sewer & plumbing services and wildlife responsibility

It is no secret anymore, that climate change is occurring– our planet’s climate patterns have changed permanently and are not what they used to be, mostly due to human interference.  Although other species at times seem more harmful and something to be avoided, there is no denying that it is people that have impacted the environment the most because we consume more than other organisms.

You may not think at first, that going green and being responsible for our wildlife and the environment is related to our plumbing and sewer systems, but that is far from the truth.  The reason that plumbing codes exist, is so cities, counties, or states can have some way to enforce rules and regulations for the safety of others.  Backflow and main sewer line breaks are among the biggest concerns because it can mean raw sewage all over the place.  You may think that d.i.y. drain cleaners could help solve your problems cheaply, but they actually have harsh chemicals that are most definitely not good for the environment.

These cheap products can often cause damage over time to your plumbing system, which means more repair costs as well as sewage contamination.  Call the professionals to get the job done right the first time.