Winter & cold weather plumbing preparations

It is September already!  Lots of kids and students are heading back to school, and most of us are getting back into the regular pace of work after the relaxing Labor Day weekend.  Summer came and went in the blink of an eye, and with the ever present threat of permanent climate change, winters have the potential to really mess things up if it sneaks up on us unprepared.

One of the first things that we like to take care of before the coming of winter, is changing our car tires to ones that are specifically made for winter or all season driving.  Not only does the typically softer surface of these tires help us stay safer on the cold or frozen roads, it also can improve your car’s condition in the long run.

Just like how our vehicles are something that we typically use every day and therefore need to maintain it regularly, our plumbing does as well.  We recommend scheduling a visit from a local plumber before Thanksgiving rolls around, so that you can be sure you are prepared before the first big cold front comes in.  Consider services like tune ups and drain cleaning which can keep things running smoothly and help you in the battle against cold weather plumbing issues, such as frozen pipes, this winter.

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