Cleaning Bathroom Spaces with Room Mates

It is no secret that in today’s extremely competitive economy, that many people both young and old are either moving back in with relatives or sharing their space with a roommate in order to cut down on the costs of property and utilities.  If you need more than a dormitory sized space, it is next to impossible to avoid the need for another person to help with the rent and utilities every month, especially in places where mini apartments are popping up.

While you get to save more on expenses by splitting the costs with someone else,  not every individual makes a polite and well-mannered roommate, and one of the most common problems folks encounter is the regular cleaning and maintenance of the bathroom and kitchen areas.  But so many bacteria hang out around these areas and we use them so regularly that neglecting care of these areas can lead to some major issues with sanitation and health.

We forget that often it is not the humidity or wetness in the bathroom that is so much of a problem, as much as the dirt that is attracted to it.  Bathrooms may seem like they were made to get wet, but without airing it out every day after each use, mold and mildew will grow on the tile, shower curtain, plumbing supplies, and more.  A regular cleaning schedule should be visible if both you and your roommate find it difficult to follow through with these commitments.  It will not only have you breathing cleaner air in your house, but can also increase the longevity and quality of your current plumbing fixtures and help you save money because you won’t need replacements on things like faucets, as often.

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