Our ideas on sewer & plumbing services and wildlife responsibility

It is no secret anymore, that climate change is occurring– our planet’s climate patterns have changed permanently and are not what they used to be, mostly due to human interference.  Although other species at times seem more harmful and something to be avoided, there is no denying that it is people that have impacted the environment the most because we consume more than other organisms.

You may not think at first, that going green and being responsible for our wildlife and the environment is related to our plumbing and sewer systems, but that is far from the truth.  The reason that plumbing codes exist, is so cities, counties, or states can have some way to enforce rules and regulations for the safety of others.  Backflow and main sewer line breaks are among the biggest concerns because it can mean raw sewage all over the place.  You may think that d.i.y. drain cleaners could help solve your problems cheaply, but they actually have harsh chemicals that are most definitely not good for the environment.

These cheap products can often cause damage over time to your plumbing system, which means more repair costs as well as sewage contamination.  Call the professionals to get the job done right the first time.

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