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Latest News and Press

Forum special report: ND wildlife in trouble?

July 26, 2014News Clip

FARGO - North Dakota finds itself in the midst of a gigantic experiment concerning the sustainability of its wildlife populations.

The unknown: At a time of unprecedented pressures as varied as intensive energy development and plummeting conservation acreage, will susceptible wildlife species be able to rebound from inevitable stresses, such as severe winters or droughts?

North Dakota will learn the answer to that question in the coming years, as worried wildlife biologists and game officials watch dramatic change sweep over the landscape.

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Photographer, Sarah Christianson to speak on North Dakota’s future

June 24, 2014Press ReleaseEvent at Fargo Public Library, June 25

Photographer Sarah Christianson will present her photos of oil and gas development in North Dakota and discuss the impacts this development is having on our state at a public event at 7 p.m. on Wednesday, June 25 at the Fargo Public Library. This is the fourth in a series of events on North Dakota conservation issues sponsored by North Dakotans for Clean Water, Wildlife and Parks.

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Taking care of North Dakota resources

June 18, 2014News Clip

North Dakota’s teeming natural resources are inexorably linked with the state’s proud heritage and the richness of its residents’ lives.

Twenty-eight percent of all North Dakota adults hunt and/or fish, a higher per-capita rate than all but Minnesota, Alaska and Montana. The state’s bountiful and diverse recreational opportunities are the envy of sportsmen across the country, its rugged beauty and magnificent parks a source of pride for nearly everyone who lives there.

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LETTER: Conservation amendment provides host of benefits

June 11, 2014News Clip

BISMARCK — The Clean Water, Wildlife and Parks Amendment would provide a host of benefits to North Dakotans.

The potential beneficiaries are many and include farmers and ranchers, cities and counties, tribes and families. All would benefit from the programs that could be developed through the measure to establish parks or conservation initiatives.

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Letter: Support the clean water amendment

June 2, 2014News Clip

I grew up in North Dakota, and returned with my family five years ago. In the past five years, I have seen rapid changes in this state.

As a mom, I want my kids to enjoy the same clean water and recreational opportunities I’ve experienced in my lifetime, like fishing, camping and boating.

Thankfully, there’s an effort underway to protect the things we love most about North Dakota, called the Clean Water, Wildlife and Parks Iiitiative.

This measure would dedicate a small percent of the oil and gas taxes to conservation programs.

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